Electrical Compliance Certificate

September 16, 2014

Fire Safety and COC’s

Fire safety is something that has taken a back seat in South Africa for far too long. While building associations have strict standards in terms of designs and layouts for fire safety, South Africa seems to have been lagging behind. Now the National Building Regulations …

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July 8, 2014

Responsibilities of Electronic Fence Owners

Property owners who elect to install electric fencing have maintenance and legal responsibilities to consider. Electric fences are not items that can be simply installed and left. They require more maintenance than a regular fence and are therefore an ongoing commitment. There are various electric ...

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May 16, 2014

Electrical Compliance & Your Responsibility as a Home Owner

It is important to know as a homeowner how much of the responsibility lies on your shoulders when it comes to electrical compliance. The fact is that after one has been issued with their electrical compliance certificate the onus is entirely on your shoulders to maintain and ensure that the electricity in your home does not pose a threat to anyone.
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May 15, 2014

Electrical Compliance – Your Right to Safe and Hassle-Free Installation

It is very important for consumers to understand that CoC’s and Test Reports ensure the safety of an installation but not necessarily the functionality. A property may have plug points or light switches that do not fully function while still being certified as compliant.
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